Saturday, January 1, 1994

Group 1850 - The Great Single Tracks

Group 1850
The Great Single Tracks
Compact Disc
MRCD 005

1. Zero
2. Frozen Mind
3. Don't Let it Be
4. Sun is Coming
5. We Love Life
6. Little Fly
7. I Know
8. I Want More
9. Mother No-Head
10. Ever,Ever Green
11. Have You Ever Heard
12. Fire
13. Look Around

Much, much better than I remember it sounding the last time I played it. Kind of a heavy prog-psych record. I gotta wonder, though, what I was thinking getting a CD that is so obviously non-legit; the cover is a flimsy piece of paper with no back or any information; the CD itself lists the title as "Complete Singles Collection" (and spells the band's name the Dutch way); the spine reads, in its entirety, "Group 1850, The greate single tracks ", and there's no sign of any source at all being involved in the production of this thing (except for the "MRCD 005" on the actual disc). Suppose I can Google "MRCD".... (a few minutes later) ....nothing. At least they provided a track list on the back. Along with this picture (photographed by me and shrunk to fit here):

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