Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Leo Kottke / Mike Gordon - Sixty Six Steps

Leo Kottke / Mike Gordon
Sixty Six Steps
Compact Disc
RCA Victor 82876 68909-2 RE1

1. Living in the Country
2. The Grid
3. Oh Well
4. Rings
5. Cherry County
6. Sweet Emotion
7. The Stolen Quiet
8. Balloon
9. Over the Dam
10. Can't Hang
11. From Spink to Correctionville
12. Ya Mar
13. Twice
14. Invisible

Compared to clone (2002), this one, to my ears, sounds more musically cohesive....more melodic. Kottke's guitar, Gordon's bass, and all the other instruments that appear here, seem to be in a strange harmony here. Amid some covers (Aerosmith!) and remakes of Kottke originals, the collaboration works.