Tuesday, September 26, 2000

Bob Weir and Ratdog - Evening Moods

Bob Weir and Ratdog
Evening Moods
Compact Disc
GDCD 4072

1. Bury Me Standing
2. Lucky Enough
3. Odessa
4. Ashes and Glass
5. Welcome to the World
6. Two Djinn
7. Corrina
8. October Queen
9. The Deep End
10. Even So

Ratdog's brand of jam-rock translates......pretty well to the studio format. It seems like the album kind of drifts after a while, but there are some groovy tracks here, among them "Lucky Enough" (closer to pop than most of the album), "Two Djinn", and the tender "Welcome to the World". I played this at work, where a coworker likened Bobby's voice to that of Terry Callier (whom I don't know, but maybe you, the reader, are familiar with him; AMG describes him as kind of R&B/jazz).