Tuesday, October 8, 2002

Leo Kottke / Mike Gordon - clone

Leo Kottke / Mike Gordon
Compact Disc
Private Music 01934-11662-2

1. Arko
2. Car Carrier Blues
3. From Pizza Towers to Defeat
4. clone
5. The Collins Missile
6. Te Veo
7. Disco
8. June
9. I Am a Lonesome Fugitive
10. Clay
11. Strange
12. Middle of the Road
13. Whip
14. With

I don't know much about Mike Gordon. I think he was with Phish.

I am, however, well-acquainted with Leo Kottke...matter of fact, I saw him perform here at one of the local venues...and I can tell you, long-time fans of Leo shan't be disappointed by this. This is drenched in his musical style and, indeed, his offbeat sense of humor. ("The Collins Missile" is a love song.)

Lest someone here isn't familiar with Leo Kottke, he's summarily a twelve-string wizard and wholly unique. He's one of those that you've just got to listen to to really get the idea....

And since I wrote this review, I've come to understand that Gordon's style on the bass just happens to be the perfect companion to Leo's twelve-string. Which I do quite understand upon listening.