Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Note on the long, long, long from complete archive

I had this brilliant idea where I would keep some descriptions in the "back" of this blog and have the respective titles that are already out here be/have hyperlinks to their descriptions/reviews. I was going to have them totally organized by date in order to make them easily sortable in the front page's year/month archive links on the right. Problem is, I can't date my posts any earlier than 1970. So, what I'm going to do is this: Each month of 1970 represents a different pre-1971 year:

December 1970 = 1970
November = 1969
October = 1968
September = 1967
August = 1966
July = 1965
June = 1964
May = 1963
April = 1962
March = 1961
February = 1960

...and January 1970 will feature anything recorded prior to 1960. Is that groovy with everyone? Does anybody really care?

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