Tuesday, May 27, 2008

V.A. - Love, Peace & Poetry: Chilean Psychedelic Music

Love, Peace & Poetry: Chilean Psychedelic Music
Various Artists
QDK 049

[Artist] - [Song Title]

1. Kissing Spell - Yellow Moon
2. Los Jaivas - Foto de la Primera Comunión
3. Los Vidrios Quebrados - La Primavera de Miss L.O'B.
4. Aguaturbia - Erótica
5. Blops - Los Momentos
6. Sacros - La Realidad
7. Los Mac's - La Muerte de Mi Hermano
8. Blops - Pisándose la Cola
9 (B1). Embrujo - Canto sin Nombre
10. Los Beat 4 - Pobre Gato
11. Aguaturbia - I Wonder Who
12. Tumulto - Tu, Yo y Nuestro Amor
13. Blops - Pirómano
14. Escombros - Magnetism
15. Los Beat 4 - Civilización
16. Congregación - Cuantos que no Tienen y Merecen
17. El Congreso - Así Serás

"Chilean Psychedelic Music" — pretty nicely descriptive, I would think. It sounded better to me the first time compared to last night, but there are some good moments on here. "Foto de Primera Comunión" is strangely hypnotic to me, and "La Muerte de Mi Hermano" is a right-good protest song from a tumultuous Chile in the late Sixties and early Seventies. "Pirómano" sounded pretty cool to these ears, Aguaturbia is sure to delight proper-minded people everywhere, and "Magnetism" is a most curious-sounding record, sort of a "25 or 6 to 4" gone horribly haywire. I still have only heard a little bit of the Love, Peace & Poetry series, but it's not let me down yet.

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