Sunday, November 1, 1970

Mighty Baby - Mighty Baby

Mighty Baby (self-titled)
Compact Disc
Big Beat CDWIKD 120

1. Egyptian Tomb
2. A Friend You Know But Never See
3. I've Been Down So Long
4. Same Way From the Sun
5. House Without Windows
6. Trials of a City
7. I'm From the Country
8. At a Point Between Fate and Destiny
*~*~*bonus tracks*~*~*
9. Only Dreaming
10. Dustbin Full of Rubbish
11. Understanding Love
12. Favourite Days
13. A Saying For Today

In the opening of this compact disc's liner notes, Mighty Baby is described as "Britain's answer to the Grateful Dead". This (to me, anyway; see comments) is basically accurate. They may have had slightly better production than the early Dead records, and of course a slightly more British sense of melody, but, yeah, the Grateful Dead comparison is, to me, fairly apt.


  1. I disagree, I cannot see any comparison with the Grateful Dead. These are John Reeds inaccurate comments. When he wrote those sleeve notes he had not even heard Mighty Baby's second album, if it anything was influenced by the Flying Burrito brothers and John Coltrane. I don't really know who has influenced the first album. I have never given it any real thought as I think the tunes stand up for themselves.

  2. Holy socks, a reader! :-)

    Cheers for the comments. The more perspectives, the better.

    I don't know; maybe I was thinking of some of the post-'69 Dead records....? I wasn't there, so I probably get some things like that goofed up.

    Rock on,